My Profile

Md. Aminul Islam

Professional web developer and software developer

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (3rd year)
Green University of Bangladesh

Date of Birth : 12 September 1997
Gender : Male
Nationality : Bangladeshi
NID : 8251631183

Graphics designing, Software development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

My Skills

Web development

Complete web development with Bootstrape, Html, CSS , JavaScript, php, MySQL (for database) etc.

Software development

Complete software development with interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and high level programming languages like Java, C, C++ etc.

Graphics Design

I'm highly interested in graphics design. I use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for graphics design.

My Projects

Pipi : the message locker

This is my university project based on software development. Through this software you can lock your private message with 6 digit security code. You can download it from "Software and Webdesign" tab on my website and try it.

Codex : A complete website for small ecommerce business

Codex is a complete e-commerce site for small e-commerce business. It has all the basic functionality which essencial to start a e-commerce site. For details visit "Software and Webdesign" tab.